Friday, February 29, 2008

Laura is all better.

Total number of runs: 53
Total number of miles: 322.05
Total time: 44 hours, 18 minutes, 02 seconds

The 17 miles last Sunday were tough. I felt pretty good for the first 75% or so, but eventually the lack of sleep and poor eating from the week before caught up to me and I struggled on the way home. However, I slept well over the weekend and have been eating much better, so the three runs during this week all went very well. Lisa and I are tackling 18 miles this weekend and I'm feeling a lot better about it than I was about the 17 last weekend.

I finished painting my Dryads last week. One of the units I painted to look like birch trees, and I think they came out really well. I have a unit of 10 Glade Guard, a unit of 7 Wardancers, and a Spellsinger assembled and based, but the weather has been brutally cold this past week so they haven't received primer yet.

Brown - I really like the skeleton in this unit.

Birch Trees.

About 850 points of Wood Elves.

I finally got around to working on my fish tank this past week. Through the wonders of the internet I ordered a bunch of silk plants, some driftwood pieces, and black gravel. The results of a few hours of moving plants and stacking gravel to get the wood to sink res

Everything looks a lot more yellow than it really is.

When I get back from California I am going to have Spoony drive me to a fish store so I can buy some neon tetras. My hope is that the black and bright green of the tank will help set off the reds and blues of the fish.

I've been playing a lot of e-mail chess with Joel this week (he's currently 3-0, with a likely 4th victory on the horizon). He's pretty good, although I'm bad enough to not know the difference. However, I'm very interested in learning how to play better. I ordered a book on Joel's recommendation that should arrive next week sometime.

Friday, February 22, 2008

This has not been a stellar week. Laura had some dental work done last Thursday and was put on anti-biotics. On Sunday (maybe?) she developed developed a rash and it became clear that she was allergic to the anti-biotic. We were hoping to tough it out but ended up in the ER on Tuesday morning where we were told that she was just going to have to deal with everything but that eventually she would be ok. I went into work late and left early because I was exhausted. Around midnight we went back to the ER, and stayed there until 6am while the doctors made sure she was still ok. They determined she was and we both went home to sleep. At this point she developed sores in her mouth (either from the reaction or the dental work) and hasn't been able to eat solid food for a few days now. She went into the ER for a third time yesterday, and again they decided that even though she was miserable there wasn't anything they could do.

I haven't slept much since Sunday night and have been worried sick. I know she's going to be fine but it sucks that I can't do anything to make her feel better.

Total number of runs: 48
Total number of miles: 279.05
Total time: 38 hours, 06 minutes, 20 seconds

I've had several good runs over the past two weeks (several of the weekend 7 milers and Wednesday's 8 miler with Lisa) and one bad run (Sunday's 11 miler that I ran alone and with an Ipod). Overall I'm very happy with where my training is and I feel very confident heading into the longer runs.

In the coming weeks Lisa and I will do 17, 18, 13, 20, 12, and 20 before hitting the taper. Even 9 weeks ago when I started this whole thing, runs of that size would have been very daunting. Right now though, I'm really excited to tackle them and I know that I will do them well. This gives me a lot of confidence for the marathon itself, which I wasn't expecting to have.

Last night I did the final details on the last four Dryads, which leaves me with only the basing to finish. I am pretty proud of myself for getting motivated and painting 16 models in two weeks. At this rate I will have this army painted in a few months.

Spoony's friend Matt came to our place this past weekend and the three of us played a round robin tournament at 500 points - Matt beat both of us, and I beat Spoony. My victory over Spoony came because of some good rolling on my part and some bad rolling on his, but I also think my list starts off at an advantage over his due to all of my shooting and his lack of an armour save.

In the first turn against Matt I killed off his unit of fast cavalry, which I thought won me the game right away. However, my inexperience at the game led me to charge a ranked up unit of his infantry with my Glade Riders and Noble, and after a few rounds of combat he had killed most of my army. He had static combat resolution and a good armour save in his favor, and I just didn't have the volume of attacks needed to overcome that - lesson learned.

My Warmachine models arrived, and they're a bitch to assemble. They look fantastic though, and I'm both excited and intimidated to start painting them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

At times, biking is the most relaxing thing I can do for myself. The quick ride from Laura's place last night to the comic shop was pure happiness. I didn't feel the cold, I didn't feel my legs working, I just felt the smooth motion.

Total number of runs: 40
Total number of miles: 231.69
Total time: 31 hours, 23 minutes, 59 seconds

I crushed my weekend 7 mile run. I ran 8 minute splits for the first half, and then increased my pace for the second half. I felt great the whole time and finished strong even up the hills. Sunday's 15 miles were done in the pouring rain, the shining sun, and the blowing wind; towards the end there was even some thunder, and we just avoided a blizzard. Lisa and I averaged 9 minute miles and I felt great for most of it. This week is a down week, which is going to be a welcome rest and recovery period.

This weekend I was very motivated to paint, and between Sunday and yesterday I painted eight of my 16 remaining Dryads. One unit is a darker version of my previous scheme. It doesn't look terrible, but I think the original unit is going to look better. I was a bit bored painting brown though, so the second unit found itself looking like Birch trees. I think the scheme itself turned out really well, but I was a bit sloppy and rushed through it. Hopefully the final four in that unit will turn out better.

Spoony and I muddled our way though a game of Warmachine this weekend. After a promising start (I managed to get all three of my units into assault and do quite a bit of damage), Spoon executed some clever maneuvers that allowed him to kill my warcaster and win the game. Lesson learned, so next time I'll do a better job of protecting my 'caster. I had a lot of fun playing, but it took a long time since neither one of us is familiar with the rules at all.

Laura and I went climbing on Friday night. Neither one of us had the day we were hoping for, but I think that's about what we can expect after not climbing a whole lot. We are planning on going back out on Monday (Presidents' Day = no work!) to get in another good workout so that we're ready for Joshua Tree in a month.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Total number of runs: 38
Total number of miles: 209.69
Total time: 28 hours, 14 minutes, 40 seconds

On Wednesday I had to duck out on my first workout. Right before running I ate some cookies (a poor decision, but I was bored and they were sitting in front of me) and a few miles into my run my stomach was in knots. I managed to get through 5.5 of the 7 miles, but I wanted to die for most of it and my time was pretty damn slow. Yesterday's run went a lot better, but I'm still annoyed at myself for having to cut that run short.

I bought a bunch of Warmachine models today at work. In addition to the Battlegroup and Widowmakers from the previous post, I bought a box of Man-O-War Demolition Corps. The models are really awesome sculpts and the idea of men in steam powered suits of armour wielding giant hammers has a certain charm to it.

I received my Wardancers in the mail today. The models look really good, but I'm really intimidated by the detail that they have; I hope I can make them look good. This is the picture the seller posted on e-bay.

I couldn't have asked to win a better auction. There are seven models, which is the unit size I was planning on fielding. The group also has a musician model and a commander model, so I can field those things if I want to. They're all in excellent condition also.

My goal is to paint the Wood Elves before I get started on the Warmachine models, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen at all. I have 16 Dryad models primed and sitting on my desk, 10 Glade Guard models waiting to be assembled, a half converted Spellsinger, and now 7 Wardancers left to finish the elves, and I don't think I'll have the self restraint to stare at the Warmachine models and not paint them.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Total number of runs: 36
Total number of miles: 200.19
Total time: 26 hours, 50 minutes, 42 seconds

Two-hundred miles! Twenty-four hours! Awesome! The 14-miler on Sunday was quite the adventure. It took us just over two hours to do, which is a damn long time to be running. Lisa's ankle and calf started giving her a lot of trouble towards the end, but we still managed to average 9 minute miles. I started to get tightness in my groin and legs, and stopping at Sunset for some water didn't help much. I'm going to start stretching a little more and hopefully address that problem. Yesterday I did four miles in under 32 minutes, which translates to an average of under 8 minutes. I felt great doing it and it wasn't apparent to me that I was going that fast.

On Monday I went to Marathon Sports downtown and bought another pair of running shoes. I'm not even half way into my training and I've already gone almost 200 miles on my Adidas shoes, so I was concerned about wearing them out and having to break in a new pair on a 20 mile run. I wanted to get a second pair of the Supernovas I have right now, but they've updated the model since I bought these in December and I don't like the changes. The woman at the store gave me a pair of Mizunos that felt incredible on my run yesterday. I'm going to break them in slowly, and then use them for the last few weeks of training and the marathon itself.

On Friday Laura took me out for my birthday dinner to Addis Red Sea. We both love it there and this time was no exception. I ordered a cabbage dish and Laura had a dish with potatoes and vegetables. The bread was delicious as always, and we were both able to order beers to go with the food.

Sunday was the Superbowl and chili cook off at our house. The Giants stole the Patriots undefeated season and were the victors; most everyone in the house was bummed out. There were five different chili entries and I tried all of them except Spoony's (his was way too spicy). There were some interesting chilies, including one with cinnamon in it. It was a very hearty way to eat after the 14 mile run.

Last night Laura and I bought our plane tickets to California. We're going to spend a week climbing in Joshua Tree and hanging out in Palo Alto with Tim. I'm really excited to travel with Laura and go climbing somewhere not in New England.

Since we moved our office, I'm no longer in walking range of the Dunkin' Dohnuts. I've been trying Starbucks and Campco coffee, but so far they're both terrible.

Lately I've spent a lot of time lately looking at the game Warmachine by Privateer Press. The models look phenomenal and the game mechanics seem to be more intuitive than 40k or Warhammer. Spoony has an older rule book that I've been reading and I'm pretty much sold on the game. I'm really excited to paint the models and play the game, but mostly I'm excited about the models. They all look very dynamic and well sculpted, and they have tons of details. Initially I'm going to purchase the starter army, which comes with a warcaster and two warjacks (the 'jacks are phenomenal looking and are what makes me want to play this game). I am also eying box of sniper models. After that I'm going to expand with another 'jack and some more human models.

Khador Battlegroup (Juggernaut, Kommander Sorscha, Destroyer)




Vladimir Tzepesci

Friday, February 01, 2008

Total number of runs: 33
Total number of miles: 172.19
Total time: 23 hours, 16 minutes, 37 seconds

During the last three runs my legs have not felt as good as they have been. The muscles behind my shins are tight when I start the runs, and they don't loosen up until I'm about three miles in. It isn't really pain, and I don't think it is shin splints, but it is annoying and I wish it would resolve itself. I'm going to try a few stretches before and after my runs this weekend and see what happens.

I'm typing this from my new office. It sure it fun to say that. Yesterday David referred to the move as my "first big project." I did do a lot of leg work to make sure the office was set up properly and that we were packed and moved, but I didn't really think I was doing anything special. There have been a lot of problems with the office (missing furniture, incorrect furniture, paint screw ups, etc.) and with the move itself, so I'm not sure if I even want to be associated with the project. That being said, none of them were really my fault so even though this whole process could have gone a lot smoother, I'm happy with how I conducted my end of it.

We'll see how the unpacking and settling in goes before I render my final decision on my performance on my first project.

I finished the Alter Noble. I'm not really sure where to go now because I don't have any models primed, and it is too cold to get outside and spray. I have 16 Dryads sitting on my desk waiting for spray, and I have another 10 Glade Guard that need to be assembled. I am also bidding on some Wardancers, all of which is going to take my army up to the 1000 point level. I've never had 1000 points of any army painted before, although I'm close with the Blood Ravens. Since Spoony doesn't seem much interested in getting his Chaos army assembled, and has expressed interest lately in finishing his Imperial Fists and starting a Guard army, I might table the Elves and try to finish my marines.

Glade Riders

Mounted Noble

Alter Noble

Whole Army